High Availability

  • Containers and Images
    • You can now create a full backup containing OS, HANA, B1, Configuration and Data using one click in the UI. For that go to Container / Containers / <Container> / Action / Create Image. After about 10 minutes the backup will appear under / Containers / Images
    • This feature is in addition to our HANA backup & restore capabilities.
    • Coming Soon: Soon you will be able to provision a new B1 System from these images. On the command line you can do this already by calling ray docker recover <container>
    • This feature is useful in HA situations where the machine is gone and we need to recover in the same or a different datacenter. After performing the initial restore using the above feature, we can then use the HANA restore to with the RPO of 15 minutes.
    • In addition this feature allows you to create a platform image for all your customers, containing your specific configurations.
  • Extended Process Monitoring
    • We have added Swap Monitoring to each OS Process. You can see which process is consuming how much Swap space.
  • Detailed Storage Monitoring
    • For all Containerized Deployments we now offer realtime storage monitoring.
  • HANA Backup and Recovery
    • This week we have improved Backup and Recovery leading to
      • accelerated backup time by 25%
      • reduced SAP HANA CPU Utilization
      • lower Tier 2 Storage Consumption
      • Improved temporary SAP HANA Memory Utilization during backup



  • Windows and Linux patching can now be easily triggered using a button click in Ocean9. For that go to AWS / Instances / <Instance> / Linux | Windows Update
    In particular Windows Updates and the recommended cleanup afterwards can run for hours. Using Ocean9 you can start the process and see when it is done under <Instance> / Audit Log and <Instance> / Operations
    • Please note, that the ray agent  has to be on the newest version. On the Linux machines I updated the agents. On the windows machines, you can type on the command line:
      ray up
  • Also heavily requested by our partners in the ability to patch SAP in particular for all the Frontends. This feature is now available in preview.