I. General Platform

Secure Path for Microsoft Remote Desktops

  • Increase Cost Efficiency + Increase Security + Increase Performance
  • Yes, Secure Path is a combination of all three.
  • Security: The most important one for us though is Security. The Internet has certainly its dangerous side.
    • We actively manage the connection security from each authorized end user to their respective Windows Frontend.
    • Unauthorized Users will not be able to even reach the Windows Firewall, as we are using Amazon Networking to enforce our policies.
  • Cost Efficiency: Based on your requirements we configure IDLE Stop for Windows and Linux Machines. You configure IDLE Stop using Machine Clusters (next paragraph). 
  • Performance: We noticed that a range of Applications from Microsoft and SAP have the tendency of accumulating Memory and CPU over time. A restart from time to time often resolves Performance Situations.

Machine Clusters

  • Uptime Optimization by defining layered Machine Cluster architectures
  • Ocean9 can provision and manage Multi-AZ SAP HANA Clusters on a Button Click for more than a year.
  • Machine Clusters are the beginning of pulling some of this knowledge into a common technology tier + add a few additional capabilities.
  • Using Machine Clusters we support any workload / any OS.
  • At this point Machine Clusters have 2 primary use cases
    1. Declare Uptime Requirements on the layers of your solution architecture
    2. Declare Scale-In policies if your landscape is IDLE. Should Ocean9 suspend your workload?

Ray Images

  • A Ray Image is a full Image containing OS, Application, Configuration and Data
  • You can create a Consistent Ray Image of a Running Containerized Database without Business Downtime.
    • One Click on Containers / <your Container> / Actions / Create Image.
  • For Creating a new System from this Image
    • One Click on Containers / Images / <your Image> / Launch
  • Why not EC2 Amazon Machine Images?
    • While this might be a good secondary measure, it is quite a complex undertaking to take a consistent backup of a running Database, with a lot of things that can go wrong, including Production Down.
    • Even if someone achieves it, provisioning a Database System from such an Image will require a lot of time, until your Database is performing as the original was/is. This is because of the EBS Storage Architecture, using thin volumes on the EBS side. Amazon Calls this phase until your new EBS Volumes have again reached Maximum Performance “Warming Up”. This is a process which will take many hours. 
    • PS: You will also pay more without achieving higher Backup Durability
    • Summary: Don’t do it.
  • Why not Network / Cluster File Systems for Tier 2 Backup Storage ?
    • I explained this last week in my Webinar on Database Containers <BrightTalk Recording>
    • PS: You will also pay more without achieving higher Backup Durability
    • Summary: Don’t do it.
  • The Technology behind Ray Images is universal. It will work for your Mongo DB and any other No-SQL or Relational DB out of the box as long as it runs on Linux.

In the details

  1. CPU Credits Monitoring - The new field “CPU Credits” on the EC2 Instance Screen, displays the current CPU Credits of all Windows Machines. CPU Credits are a special feature of Amazon’s T2 Instance family. CPU Credits allow to temporarily burst CPU up to a factor of 6 compared to normal CPU performance.
    If the CPU Credit Number drops below 5 it is an indicator that the Machine runs on High CPU utilization for a long time. Use our Realtime monitoring to root cause the process that consumes all the CPU and decide on a cause of action, before the End User reports performance problems.

II. SAP Platform

Latest B1 Template

  • Now Available: B1 HANA 9.2 PL08 Hotfix 9 out of the box using One Click Provisioning

SAP B1 on HANA - Region Rollout

  • B1 on HANA is now also available in N. Virginia

SAP B1 + HANA System Refresh & Disaster Recovery

  • for B1 HANA and HANA Standalone
  • Starting Point: You have a Running System of SAP HANA or SAP Business One on HANA and you would like to refresh it with Data from another System.
  • Refresh Data from another System in as little as 5 minutes

  • If you select another region then this is equivalent to Disaster Recovery for HANA. In this DR case recovery time is unchanged, as this function relies on our Disaster Recovery Orchestration including Cross Region Encrypted Replication
  • From HANA on VM <—> Docker
    • Whether your HANA System runs in a Docker Container or on a VM this functionality also allows you to transition from a HANA based VM to a HANA Docker Container or vice versa in as little as 5 minutes.
    • Move into either Direction with the Click on a button.
  • Combined with Ray Images above this also allows you to Recover with 15 minute RPO from nothing but a backup
    • This means End to End Recovery in 30 minutes (RTO) for smaller B1 HANA Production Systems and RPO of 15 minutes.

In the detail: 

  1. SAP Hardware Keys
    • HANA Hardware Key : Navigate to the HANA System Detail Screen and find the new field “Hardware Key”
    • Business One Hardware Key : Contact Us, when you need it. It is not yet in the UI, but our REST API has the field already under the b1/system resource