We have been very busy scaling our platform and provide you several new capabilities.

Ocean9 Infrastructure Platform (all workloads)

  1. Machine Backups and Retention
    • We have extended our Cluster Model to let you define Backup Retention. If you do so it will automatically activate a Consistent Backup Approach for Machines of all kinds (Windows and Linux). This function is an extension for Ocean9 Secure Path
    • We ensure that you always have a last known good backup for your machines if you activate Ocean9 Secure Path
  2. Machine Cluster Consistency
    • We added a mode which automatically updates the list of all Cluster Members


  1. Amazon EC2 X1E Family
    • Amazon has extended the X1E instance family. X1E now covers the spectrum from 122 GB RAM to 4 TB RAM
    • We added the 5 new instance types to our HANA Configurator and could test them successfully.
    • Please note that at the low end X1E provides fewer CPU cores than the R4, M4 or C4 Family. 
    • The New EC2 Instance Map for SAP HANA:
  2. Ocean9 Backup Engine for SAP HANA
    • Someone might think that after working for years on the optimal Cloud Backup Solution for SAP HANA, Ocean9 might be done with this topic. Well we have released a significant update to our Backup Engine enabling many additional scenarios
      • NEW: Ocean9 HANA Backup Diagnostics (HANA vs. Cloud; FileSystem vs. Cloud)
      • NEW: HANA Restore-Phase Diagnostics
      • NEW for B1: Restore to a particular timestamp (up to the second)
    • Our New Backup Engine supports both SAP HANA Systems running on a Virtual Machine as well as inside Docker Container.


  1. Ocean9 Secure Path to Volume Usage
    • Driven by the strong Demand for Ocean9 Secure Path we invested in making rollout to a large numbers of end users easier. All you need to do now is to provide the list of email addresses of the end users and Ocean9
      • Creates a dedicated Windows Machine for each End User
      • Creates the Windows User
      • Sends the initial password to the End User
  2. Company Export, Import, Clone in Beta
    • Export - backs up companies to Amazon S3 in compressed and encrypted format.
    • Clone - allows you to clone a company schema in the same system e.g. for refreshing a Test Schema.
    • Import - restores the company from an export stored in S3