Ocean9 Infrastructure Platform (all workloads) 

Towards the end of 2016 we were asking ourselves: How can we bring our understanding of High Availability, High Performance, High Security and Cost Efficiency for SAP HANA to a wider audience, as customer workloads consist of so much more than SAP HANA.

We launched in 2017

  • Realtime Monitoring for all workloads
  • IDLE Management for all workloads
  • Automatic Security Management - in form of Ocean9 Secure Path - for all workloads
  • Docker - Containerized Databases for all workloads

Today we are launching a major enhancement in our fleet of mechanisms to increase Uptime: Clustered Instances

Clustered Instances

Clustered Instances, handle a number of additional cases that can happen on any Infrastructure Platform.

Those cases include:

  1. Insufficient Capacity of an Instance Type in an Availability Zone
  2. Account Limits reached
  3. Availability Zone (~ Data Center) down

On Amazon, those events are increasingly rare, but also on Amazon each of those issues appeared in 2017 during our increasingly large scale operations.

Amazon is the best platform because those events are least likely if a provider

  1. has by far the largest scale
  2. has the largest number of Availability Zones in a region
  3. has a maximum number of Data Centers per Availability Zone
  4. has the largest number of Instance Families and Types

But again, "least likely" means there is still the probability of such an event, and the larger the size of your deployment the more likely the occurrence.

Also relevant to understand is that Availability Zones in a region have their differences. Availability Zones are per definition different in size and also different in utilization, without a customer being able to have an insight into that information. That means a customer might deploy without knowing into an Availability Zone with the least free capacity.

While a Cloud Expert can resolve each of those issues with a few clicks or - in the worst case - support tickets, at Ocean9 we always prefer automatic resolution.

Clustered Instances resolve those situations in the worst case in 1.5 seconds, without the End User or Administrator needing to do anything.

The end user might not even notice that something happened.

What is the difference to Amazon EC2 AutoScaling Groups ?

EC2 AutoScaling Groups have an auto replace approach to High Availability. If an instance is not functioning as expected it is being replaced. EC2 AutoScaling Groups are ideal for Application Servers and other Stateless workloads.

EC2 AutoScaling Groups were not designed to cover Stateful Machines such as Databases or Frontends with valuable Data on attached EBS Storage.

Ocean9 Clusters in Combination with Clustered Instances extend HA to Stateful Workloads.

Ocean9 SecurePath for SSH Beta

We are extending our Ocean9 SecurePath solution to SSH as a Beta for both Windows and MacOS Clients.

The user will get a Command Line tool, using which they can immediately connect to a Linux System of their Choice.

Ocean9 SecurePath SSH requires Ocean9 Clustered Instances, which are automatically created when you configure your Clusters.

On Windows you no longer need to install and configure SSH clients such as Putty and you also do not need to perform PEM file conversions.

Ocean9 SecurePath increases the security of SSH by adding SecurePath's Networking Approach as an additional security measure.


Already in 2016 we received requests from partners to add MSSQL as an additional Database.

We are excited to announce extensive progress on adding MSSQL to our platform.

Our initial feature set includes

  1. Safe Start & Stop
  2. Full Backup & Recovery
  3. RPO 15 minutes backup mode (Continuous Backup with Maximum Data loss risk of 15 minutes)

As always Ocean9 Backups are stored in Amazon S3 with 99.999999999% Durability.

Our high performance integration with Amazon S3 allows us to backup and recover in a minimum timeframe.


1. New Platform Image with SAP B1 9.3 PL00

The New fault platform image is now on release level SAP B1 9.3.

2. In Beta: SAP B1 External Web Access

We have now the ability to provide B1 Web Access incl. External Access Options.