A customer or partner of Ocean9 will download the SAP HANA Installer from the SAP Service Marketplace and upload it to a S3 Bucket in their own AWS Account.

Data Protection: Ocean9 will never access your Installation Media. Ocean9 will query the S3 Bucket to see which installers exists, so that Ocean9 can assist the user with selecting an available SAP HANA Revision.

The S3 Bucket is indicated in the 'Installation Media Bucket' field on the screen 'Setup' -> 'Region'.

The field can be empty if the Ocean9 Account is new and has never been used before. 

Uploading an SAP HANA Installer

In order to upload an SAP HANA installer the S3 Object Key in the S3 Bucket needs to be "SAP/HANA.linux64/<Rev>/<files>" where Rev stands for the SAP HANA Revision number e.g. 112 for SAP HANA of the compressed installer files. For SAP HANA 2 the proper numbering is 2.XX (XX being the revision number). - Please follow the numbering diligently.

For uploading the large SAP installer, S3 has a parallel uploading concept called Multipart Upload. Multipart Upload is supported by a range of Third Party tools such as "S3 Browser" for Windows. If you are OK with using the command line then Amazons Command Line Interface (CLI) supports Multipart Upload out of the box.

The AWS CLI command would be

aws s3 cp ./…my installer directory…/  s3://<S3 Bucket>/SAP/HANA.linux64/<Rev>/ --sse --region <region> --recursive

--sse activates Server Side Encryption for each file, a feature which comes free of charge from Amazon.

--region indicates the region where the S3 Bucket is located.

Once the files are uploaded you can cross check that Ocean9 has recognized them in "SAP HANA" -> "Install Media".

You can now start using the revision when you deploy a new system. The available revisions in your S3 Bucket should appear in the SAP HANA Revision Dropdown.

Using Multiple AWS Regions for SAP HANA Install Media

If you plan to use Multiple AWS Regions for your SAP HANA Deployments, or you want to prepare a second AWS region for Disaster Recovery, then you can proceed with the following steps.

This procedure will establish Cross Region Replication for your Installers ensuring both against Disaster Recovery as well as optimizing operational performance and cost for every GEO region.

  1. Navigate in Ocean9 to the other Ocean9 / AWS Region.
  2. Open "Setup" -> "Region" and note down the 'Installation Media Bucket' entry.
  3. Open the AWS Management Console and Navigate to Amazon S3.
  4. Select the bucket in the first region.
  5. Select Properties
  6. Select Cross Region Replication.
  7. Select Enable Versioning (if not already active)
  8. Enable Cross Region Replication for the entire bucket
  9. Select Destination Region of the Second Bucket
  10. Select Second Bucket
  11. Create IAM Role
  12. Save

After this procedure start uploading Installer files to the first bucket. AWS will manage the replication to the second  bucket.

If you have already uploaded SAP HANA installers to the first region before activating Replication then you can either use the S3 Management Console or the AWS CLI to copy the entire SAP branch to the second bucket e.g.

aws s3 cp s3://<S3 Bucket - Primary Region>/SAP/  s3://<S3 Bucket - Secondary Region>/SAP/ --sse --region <primary region> --recursive

Please note that the S3 copy command is a native command of Amazon S3. As such when you invoke this command from your laptop the installers will be directly copied from one AWS region to the other.

The Amazon Cost for such a transfer and also the continuous cross region replication is 0.02 / GB or 20 cents for a 10 GB HANA Installer.