The following describes the steps to enable Printing.


  • Addon Server (can be very small)
    • You can reuse an existing Addon Server
  • Static IP address attached to Addon Server


  1. Customer Side Configuration: Allow the above mentioned static IP Address to Print on your Printer
  2. On the Addon Server
    1. Install the Printer
      1. Make sure you specify the correct RAW IP Port.
    2. Install Microsoft Print Services
    3. Share the Printer
    4. (Optional) if you do not want to type in the administrator password later for connecting to the shared printer, enable the Guest User Account under user management. After doing that you will not be able to login as guest via Remote Desktop
  3. On each Frontend (or on the Master Template)
    1. Install the Printer using the Private IP Address of the Addon Server
    2. Configure Business One.


Please reach out to us if you need assistance for the procedure